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First impressions matter BIG TIME! Do you want to make a great first impression of your book? At Best Selling Publisher, we believe the success of your book starts with its cover. Our goal is to create the most attractive cover designs, turning your manuscript into a visual standout that commands attention. Let's start this creative process together.

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Creating Captivating Designs For Your Book

Hire Professional Book Cover Designers

Whether it's through striking imagery, elegant typography, or innovative concepts, a book’s cover is its initial introduction to potential readers, offering a glimpse into the adventure that awaits inside. At Best Selling Publisher, we recognize the significance of this first interaction. Our team of creative designers is committed to producing designs that reflect the essence of your story while enticing readers to explore further.

  • We retain your concept and offer immaculate embellishment.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Complete ownership over the final book cover.
  • 24/7 assistance for all your queries and concerns.
Our Book Covers Offer

An Exceptional First Impression of Your Book

We treat every book cover like a canvas. As full-service book cover designers, we ensure that every stroke on the canvas projects vibrancy and vividness.

Concept Development

Creating the ideal book cover begins with an idea, a spark that encapsulates the heart of your novel. Our design process begins with concept creation, which we handle with meticulous attention to detail. We get it — your book's cover is much more than just a visual; it’s the first impression of the story within. and that’s exactly what we prioritize.

Custom Illustration and Artwork

Our team of artists and gifted illustrators is committed to realizing each author's idea through customized artwork that captures the spirit of their narrative. Your story is unique, and so should be its visual companion. Let’s create something unforgettable together

Typography and Layout

Whether your story whispers of age-old mysteries through elegant serif fonts or pulses with the heart-stopping pace of modern thrillers through bold, contemporary typefaces, we carefully craft the typography to resonate with your book's genre, mood, and intended audience.

Print and Digital Optimization:

Your book needs to make a splash, both in hand and on screen. That’s why we're careful about every pixel and print detail in your book cover design. As a top-grade book cover design company, our commitment to mastering print and digital mediums means your story gets the spotlight it deserves everywhere your readers are.

Book Cover

Types Of Cover Designs

Bold Typography
Millennial Pink
Our Range Of

Unique Book Covers For You

We offer the best book cover design services including custom hardcover, paperback, and dust jacket covers. We make certain that your book’s cover is captivating. Our team of expert book cover designers is dedicated to helping your book make a lasting impression.

Dust Jacket Cover

Imagine holding a story in your hands. What's the first thing you notice?

The dust jacket cover - a silent herald of the adventures hidden within its pages. It's a canvas where visual storytelling comes to life. With striking imagery, evocative typography, and design elements that pull you in, each cover is a doorway begging to be opened. The dust jacket illuminates key details like the title, author, and a tantalizing synopsis. and our designers would do everything to make a lasting impact on your book!

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Printed Books:Long-lasting covers that protect your book from damage.

printed books

Photo AlbumPreserving your cherished memories that can always be revisited.

photo album

Comic BooksDetailed illustrations with catchy dialogues and impeccable panels.


MagazineAn entire catalog filled with diverse and intriguing content.


Year BooksAll your achievements and memories in one place.


E BooksEasy to carry, easy to read, and easy to access books.

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Our dedicated team is here to assist you during our working hours, always eager to answer your questions and cater to your needs. We warmly invite you to reach out and start a conversation with us. Your vision and requirements are our top priority. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you get your book to the right audience!

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A Swift Work Mode that Involves 4 Easy Steps

We emphasize prompt deliveries because we don’t like to keep you waiting. Following are the 4 easy steps that keep us streamlined from the beginning:

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Submit Your Details

Share your information by filling out the form or calling us and we will get started.

Step 02

Content Creation

We'll utilize your insights to create a book cover.

Step 03

Review & Approve

You'll have ample opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions.

Step 04

Publish & Distribute

The book cover is ready to integrate into your publishing platform.

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We can go on and on about our services, but if you seek further credibility, then see what our clients have to say about us:

Samm Helton

Samm Helton

“I was lost in the sea of publishing until I found Best Selling Publisher. Their ghostwriting and book marketing services were exactly what I needed. The team, especially Dennis, was phenomenal.”

Palma Lauria

Palma Lauria

“Publishing my first novel with Best Selling Publisher was a breeze. Their guidance on book editing and marketing made a world of difference. Dennis Daniel, in particular, was a pillar of support throughout this journey.”

Robert el Martin

Robert el Martin

“From a tangled manuscript to a published book, Best Selling Publisher made my dream a reality. Their comprehensive services, especially the marketing strategies provided the perfect launchpad for my book. Dennis Daniel's support was invaluable.”

Evain Stavenger

Evain Stavenger

“Best Selling Publisher turned my publishing dreams into reality. Their book editing and marketing services are unparalleled. Special thanks to Dennis Daniel for his dedicated support and guidance.”

Llody hawk

Llody hawk

“Best Selling Publisher is a beacon for any aspiring author. Their ghostwriting service breathed life into my ideas, and the book marketing strategies they employed were ingenious. A shoutout to Dennis for being an incredible support!”

Pieter A.

Pieter A.

“The Journey to publishing my book felt insurmountable until I found Best Selling Publisher. Their team, especially Dennis Daniel, guided me through every step with patience and expertise. The book editing and marketing services were exceptional. Highly recommend!”

Ingmar Singleton

Ingmar Singleton

“I never imagined my manuscript could transform into something professional and polished. The Book editing team at Best Selling Publisher is truly top-notch. Their publishing and marketing services exceeded all my expectations.”

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